Gender Female
Species Griffins
Affiliation Kahn Menagerie
Status Alive
Relations Riff, Nira, Squorp, Clink, Clonk, Yump, Sage
Book Appearances The Menagerie, Dragon on Trial, Krakens and Lies
Flurp, formerly known as Hermione, is a griffin cub at the Wyoming Menagerie. She was originally named Hermione by Zoe, but later chose the name Flurp. She is the middle daughter of Nira and Riff. Zoe has admited that Flurp is her favorite of the six griffins and that she loves to read to her.


Flurp is described as having dark eyes, soft dark-gray wings, and a ruff of soft feathers around her neck.


Flurp is a calm griffin who treasures books over material possessions. She loves the use of imagination, as evidenced by her love of the Harry Potter series, and her dislike of The Crucible and nonfiction books. It is also seen through her creation of an original name, Flurp, to replace her former name, Hermione (a character in the Harry Potter series). She also plans to write "fabulous tales of grand adventure" and become the most famous author of all time. She understands the need for her safety and seems more introverted, and was more willing to return to the Menagerie compared to her five siblings. Zoe describes her as "wise" and admits that Flurp is her favorite.


The MenagerieEdit

Flurp is first mentioned indirectly by Zoe when she tells Logan she is looking for her dog named "Six", as a codename for the six griffins, although at the time, Logan genuinely thought it was a dog.

Later, Flurp formally appears in the Xanadu library, having stolen all of the Harry Potter books and was then accidentally locked in the children's reading room. Logan, Zoe, and Blue sneak in overnight to save her, and she survived on a diet of crayons and used the books as a cave for herself. She was willing to be taken back to the Wyoming Menagerie, and was returned to Nira and Riff safely.



"So worried! [...] Flurp found such beautiful treasure, such perfect treasure, and then the tall ladies came and Flurp hid, so fast! So well! With treasure in good hiding place! But then Flurp came out and DOOR LOCKED! Flurp stuck! Flurp trapped! What good treasure without FREEDOM? [...] Flurp learned valuable lesson today."

"Flurp ready to write fabulous tales of grand adventure. Flurp ready to be most famous author of all time! From nice warm safe cave with much fish. [...] Nothing to eat in here but BOOKS."

"Eat books?! Flurp would NEVER! Flurp would STARVE first!"

"Much better now. So HAPPY to be going back. Worry-Cub never mentioned that no food allowed in libraries!"

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