A griffin is a creature that has the head, torso, and wings of a eagle along with the hind quarters, back legs, and tail of a lion. There are eight known griffins in the Wyoming Menagerie: two adults and six cubs. They gain the ability to communicate telepathically after their first year alive, usually announcing their names once they are able to; however, cubs cannot be heard (with some exceptions such as Logan).

Zoe noted that the griffin cubs will eat almost anything in the Menagerie, and that their favorites are fish, cheeseburgers, and chocolate, as well as jelly beans.

A List of Known Griffins Edit

Squorp- a male, first one to be found under Logan's bed. Was named by Logan, who named him after the sound that he made when he first appeared.

Flurp- a female, loves books and was found in the library.

Clink- a female, oldest cub, is considdered by the other cubs the bossiest.

Clonk- a male, possibly the second youngest, always trying to be like Clink

Yump- a male, loves to eat.

Sage- a female, youngest cub, the cleverest cub according to Zoe.

Riff- father of the Wyoming Menagerie's griffen cubs

Nira- mother of the Wyoming Menagerie's griffen cubs