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Griffins are a mythical species that appear in The Menagerie trilogy.


Griffins are a mythical species that have a front end of an eagle[1], and the body, paws, and tail of a lion[2]. They can telepathically communicate with others when they become old enough, but a few people, like Logan, can hear a cub's telepathic communication.[3] Griffins have a love of treasure, and will do whatever it takes to receive it[4], whether it is food[5] or valuables[6]. The perception of treasure varies from griffin to griffin, with many enjoying material wealth, and hard to obtain objects[7], as seen with Clink, Clonk, and Squorp, some enjoying food, as seen with Squorp[8] and Yump[9], and some enjoying more abstract treasures like knowledge, as seen with Flurp's love of books.[10] They can eat anything edible[11], but it is evidenced that they prefer meat[12][13]. They also seem to have a very high metabolism, as Flurp was unable to stay full for over an hour without eating something, which was crayons.[14] A young griffin is called a cub.[15]


The Menagerie

Griffins are the main focus of the first installment. A group of six griffin cubs escape from the Wyoming Menagerie, and it is up to Logan Wilde, Zoe Kahn, and Blue Merevy to track them all down and return them to their mother and father.

Known Griffins


  • Tui based the personality for griffins off of her pets, including her dogs Maui (for Yump specifically)[16], and Sunshine.[17]


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