Griffins are a mythical species that appear in The Menagerie trilogy.

Camp Underpaw's Guide to Mythical Creatures DescriptionEdit

A lion-eagle hybrid, with the body, paws, and tail of a lion and the wings and head of an eagle; they are traditionally guardians, mistrust horses, and love treasure. If you can identify what treasure a griffin is protecting, they are easier to track.

Description Edit

Griffins are a mythical species that have a front end of an eagle, and a back end of a lion. They can telepathically communicate with others when they become old enough, but a few people, like Logan, can hear a cub's telepathic communication. All griffins have an innate love of treasure, and will do whatever it takes to receive it, whether it is food or valuables. The perception of treasure varies from griffin to griffin, with many enjoying gold, silver, and hard to obtain objects, as seen with Clink, Clonk, and Squorp, some enjoying food, as seen with Squorp and Yump, and some enjoying more abstract treasures like knowledge, as seen with Flurp's love of books. They can eat anything edible, but it is evidenced that they prefer meat. A young griffin is called a cub, and a group of griffins is called a pride. They are noted to be distantly related to cats.

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The Menagerie Edit

Griffins are the main focus of the first installment. A group of six griffin cubs escape from the Wyoming Menagerie, and it is up to Logan Wilde, Zoe Kahn, and Blue Merevy to track them all down and return them to their mother and father.

Dragon on Trial Edit

Griffins appear in the Wyoming Menagerie.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although griffins have been noted to eat anything edible, griffins seem to have a preference to meat, especially beef, as shown with Squorp enjoying hamburger and Yump enjoying cheeseburgers and cat food (which may have had beef as an ingredient).
  • Preferences of treasure among griffins many be different based upon gender. This is evidenced with male griffins enjoying more material treasure (gold, silver, hard-to-find objects, food), and female griffins enjoying more abstract treasure (honor, freedom, and knowledge).
  • The genetic composition of griffins are very varied among griffins. Riff and Nira are black and white, but were able to produce offspring that are very different from them, such as Yump, who has reddish-orange feathers, and Squorp, who has tawny-gold feathers, both not colors that are not found in Riff and Nira. However, it is unknown what their more distant relatives looked like, so it could be due to a recessive gene in their gene pools.
  • Griffins are a book ornament for every chapter in the trilogy, despite the first book being focused on griffins while the second and third installment focusing on different species.

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