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Hellhounds are a mythical species appearing in The Menagerie trilogy.

Camp Underpaw's Guide to Mythical Creatures DescriptionEdit

Hellhounds are oversized black dogs with sulfurous breath and glowing red eyes. Try to avoid their slobber as it can do something bad if it comes in contact with broken skin.

Description Edit

Hellhounds are a creature that appears as a rhino-sized dog that has black fur and red, fiery eyes. Despite their menacing appearance and name, hellhounds can actually be quite friendly. Hellhounds act much like normal dogs, and have a omnivorous diet that uses more protein. Their slobber contains sulfur, and when it comes into contact with more exposed areas on a persons body, such as a cut or through the eyes, it can burn and cause pain.

Known Hellhounds Edit

History Edit

The Menagerie Edit

The Wyoming Menagerie's hellhounds chase down Logan Wilde when he breaks in to return Squorp. They are later revealed to be the Menagerie's guard dogs.

Trivia Edit

  • When the hellhounds are first mentioned by Squorp, he mentions a "Muscles" instead of a Killer.
  • In Dragon on Trial, after being glitter bombed by Zoe Kahn, Matthew swore, saying, "What. The. Hellhound."
  • In real mythology, hellhounds are a broad myth that goes by many names, such as Cerberus, the Black Shuck, and the Black Dog, to name a few.

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