Gender Female
Species Kitsunes
Affiliation Kahn Menagerie
Status Alive
Relations Zoe Kahn, Blue Merevy, Logan Wilde
Book Appearances The Menagerie, Dragon on Trial, Krakens and Lies
Keiko is a female kitsune, but mostly lives out a normal life like Zoe and Blue. She was adopted by the Kahns after being banned from both Japanese menageries, something Zoe blames on Abigail Hardy, Logan's mom, since it was her who suggested it. 

Appearance Edit

In fox form, Keiko has reddish fur. In her human form, she was mentioned in the first book to have dark hair in braids, and gold-brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Keiko is very proud, bordering on arrogant. She feels little to no loyalty towards her family or the animals in the menagerie, save for possibly the dragons. Notably, she has helped Zoe, but only when there is something in it for her, typically getting out of homework. She does not see the importance of learning Spanish.

Powers and abilities Edit

Shifting: Keiko is "a fox who can choose to take the form of a girl" , to paraphrase something she said. It is possible she can take more than these two forms, and can have fox attributes (like a tail) while she is in her human form.

Mind control: Keiko appears to be able to put people into trances and control them somewhat.

Bilingual: Keiko can speak both Japanese (as seen when Blue mentioned her talking to his kappa) and English (which she spoke throughout most of the story). She also seems to be taking Middle School Spanish, but seems unlikely to continue studying it after this, so will probably not be able to hold a fluent conversation.

Sources Edit

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