Kitsunes are a mythical species that appear in The Menagerie trilogy.

Camp Underpaw's Guide to Mythical Creatures Description Edit

Native to Japan, a kitsune's true shape is a fox, but they can also shift into human form, so they are monitored by the SuperNatural Agency for Mostly Human Protection (SNAMHP). They are very difficult to catch because a full-grown kitsune can often read minds, see the future, fly, possess people, and create illusions that mimic reality. A clever Tracker might spot one by its fox-shaped shadow. Dogs are sometimes useful for tracking them as a dog can sniff out a kitsune's true nature.

Description Edit

Kitsunes are a sentient Mostly Human creature that can transform from human to fox at will, also being able to change to include only certain parts of each animal (ex. a fox tail only while in human form). They are a Japanese species, and they can speak Japanese.


Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese folklore, kitsunes are foxes that can transform into humans. There is a division in how they are portrayed; one version portrays kitsunes as tricksters while another version portrays them as guardians or messengers.
  • Keiko is the only kitsune known in the trilogy.

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