Logan Wilde
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Kahn Menagerie
Status Alive
Relations Abigail Hardy (mother), Jackson Wilde (father)
Book Appearances The Menagerie, Dragon on Trial, Krakens and Lies

Logan Wilde is the son of Abigail Hardy and Jackson Wilde. He and his father moved from Chicago to Xanadu, Wyoming after his mother "ditched them via postcard" from Cheyenne, Wyoming. He is in seventh grade and is in Mr. Christopher's class. Logan has several pets: Purrsimmon, a cat, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, mice, and Warrior, a Siamese fighting fish.


The MenagerieEdit

At the beginning of the book, Logan wakes up in his bedroom and finds a golden feather. He assumes the feather is that of a native bird, and heads off to school. On the way, Logan encounters classmates Zoe Kahn, Blue Merevy, and Keiko, who claim to be searching for Zoe's missing dog. They quickly refuse Logan's offer for help, and head off to check the post office, so Logan continues to school. After arriving, he watches Zoe and Blue being escorted in by Miss McCaffrey, the school guidance counselor, who accuses them of playing hooky in the post office. Once he returns home, Logan discovers that the golden feather he found that morning belongs to a griffin named Squorp. He tells Squorp to show him where he came from and sees the Menagerie. Zoe finds him in the unicorn stables and becomes the Kahns' friend. At dinner Logan almost gets kraken-inked but Blue saves him before he drinks the kraken-inked tea, spilling it on Logan's shirt. The Kahns discover Logan can speak to griffins. They give up trying to kraken-ink Logan and invite him to work at the Menagerie. Logan accepts and then he helps find the other griffin cubs: finding them in unusual places like libraries and toy stores.

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Logan seems to be shy; he tries to fit in at school but ends up hanging around by himself. He is a animal lover, shown by his desire to have a pet dog and his natural instincts with several kinds of animals.