Gender Female
Species Griffins
Affiliation Kahn Menagerie
Status Alive
Relations Riff, Squorp, Clink, Clonk, Yump, Sage, Flurp
Book Appearances The Menagerie
Nira is an adult female griffin who lives in the Wyoming Menagerie. Her mate is Riff.

Appearance Edit

Nira is described as having snowy-white fur and feathers. She was noted to usually be more "upright".

Personailty Edit

Nira is more sarcastic and grumpy than her mate, Riff. When reunited with Squorp, she is more concerned about getting rest from taking care of her six offspring other than welcoming Squorp.

Biography Edit

Pre-Series Edit

Nira was traded to the Wyoming Menagerie from another Menagerie for one of Riff's brothers in order to have her successfully breed griffin cubs with Riff.

The Menagerie Edit

While Logan is taken on a tour around the Wyoming Menagerie, Nira is reunited with Squorp. Riff is more excited, while Nira is still exhausted from taking care of six griffin cubs.

Quotes Edit

"Oh, [...] Fantastic."

"That's not even remotely surprising."

"Maybe later."

"That's not surprising, either."

"Yes, [...] I'm definitely the one who's been tearing my feathers out all day."

"For heaven's sake, [...] I'm trying to get my first decent sleep in four months. Could you all take this noisy conversation elsewhere? Especially you two."

"Calm down, Riff."

"I don't like it either, [...] but it's not like she can do anything with us both here. And she is an excellent distraction for the cubs."

"Wonderful, [...] I can't wait. With only five cubs I'll have far too much free time."

"Cubs! [...] Come be inspected! NOW."

Trivia Edit

  • Nira is shown on the cover of the German publication of Krakens and Lies.

Sources Edit

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