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Pyrosalamanders are a mythical creature species appearing in The Menagerie trilogy.

Camp Underpaw's Guide to Mythical Creatures DescriptionEdit

The mythical cousins of a regular salamander, pyrosalamanders are small, bright red and eat fire. Handle with caution and be sure to feed them regularly!

Description Edit

Pyrosalamanders are a small amphibious creature that has the ability to set themselves on fire at will. They have no teeth, but are noted to be aggressive towards each other when hungry. They have a diet of fire-related objects, such as embers, ash, and actual fire. They are noted to be genetic cousins of real, non-mythical salamanders.


The MenagerieEdit

Pyrosalamanders are mentioned briefly by Zoe. There are also pyrosalamanders in the Menagerie.

Dragon on TrialEdit

When doing her chores in the Wyoming Menagerie's Reptile House, Zoe feeds the pyrosalamanders in there. Blue is scared to death by them and suspects them to be evil and planning world domination. Zoe finds this irritating. Logan, however, finds them to be adorable.

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