Gender Female
Species Kelpies
Affiliation Wyoming Menagerie
Status Alive
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Book Appearances The Menagerie, Dragon on Trial, Krakens and Lies
Silverina is a kelpie that lives in the Wyoming Menagerie. Ruby Kahn named her at a young age, giving her a slightly childish name.


Silverina is described as looking like an ordinary horse with a grayish black coat, and a dripping black mane. She has enormous soft dark eyes and her nose is warm and velvety.


Silverina is a deceptive kelpie who can easily fake a gentle and understanding nature. Zoe described her as being "murder-y".


The MenagerieEdit

Silverina first formally appeared when Logan was exploring the Menagerie by himself after dinner at the Kahn's. She lured Logan to ride her, and then tried to drown him. Captain Fuzzbutt noticed this and got Zoe to come outside to save him. She tried to pull Logan off, but eventually the kraken wrapped a tentacle around the kelpie, causing it to let go of Logan.

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