Gender Male
Species Griffins
Affiliation Kahn Menagerie
Status Alive
Relations Riff, Nira, Clink, Clonk, Yump, Sage
Book Appearances The Menagerie

Squorp, formerly known as Leo, is a griffin cub.

Appearance Edit

Sqourp is described as tawny-gold with huge feathers that, in sunlight, "glowed as if it were sprinkled with gold dust". He has a long, golden furry lion's tail. His front half looks like "a giant golden eagle, wings, beak and all", and the rest of his body is furry with sharp, long lion claws on all four paws. His wings are soft and golden. He is no bigger than a Labrador puppy.


The Menagerie

In the very beginning of the book, Logan notices five large, golden, feathers scattered across the gray carpet in his room. Unknown to Logan, Squorp had flown into his room sometime while he was asleep, frightening Warrior, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (both mice), and Purrsimmon.

After Logan arrives back home from school, he goes to feed his mice. However, he notes that the food container is much lighter than usual and takes off the lid, revealing that someone had eaten all of the food. Then, Logan hears an unfamiliar noise coming from behind him and sees a lion tail trailing from beneath his bed. He peers underneath his bed and finds a griffin whom he initially assumes is a stuffed animal. However, he learns it is a real griffin who had hidden in his room, and that he could hear the griffins, something no one else can do. He takes Squorp back to the Menagerie, where Zoe finds him and the griffin in the unicorn stables. He gives Squorp back to Riff and Nira, the griffin cub's parents. He then goes to find Squorp's siblings.

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Quotes Edit

"Worry-Cub gone? [...] Only a cub, but worries and worries and double-checks and worries more. Always flapping her paws but not trying to fly. Probably losing her fur. Bites her claws, too."

"Squorp no such thing! Muscles and Killer and Jaws and Sheldon all dogs! Captain Fuzzbutt all Zoe's! Squorp neither Zoe's NOR dog! Squorp all mine own and ALL GRIFFIN!"

"Oh, terrible! Never enough to eat! All stuffed in one cave! Bossed around day and night! No treasure anywhere! Dragons staring at us all the time! [...] Worst of all... never enough to EAT!"

"Take you there? [...] Squorp show Logan all the dreadfulness! And the no food! And the dragons! And the tiny cave! And the NO FOOD! [...] Squorp show Logan the Menagerie."

"No no no! [...] Main house is where Worry-Cub and Danger-Smell and Treasure-Paws and rest of family live. Squorp take you to dismal cave now."

Trivia Edit

  • Squorp is shown on the covers of the German and French publications of The Menagerie.


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