The Kahn Menagerie is one of the largest Menageries in the world, owned by the Kahn Family. It is located in Xanadu, Wyoming.


The Kahn Menagerie was purchased by the grandparents of Zoe Kahn and her siblings, therefore the parents of either Mr. or Mrs. Kahn

In modern history, the unicorns, Cleopatra and Charlemagne, let the six griffin cubs out of their enclosure because they were irritated about their pen being relocated. The griffin cubs were scattered all through Xanadu, with the cub Squorp ending up in the home of Logan Wilde. Logan then aided in the capture of the rest of the cubs. Logan, along with Zoe Kahn and Blue Merevy, began finding clues that someone was trying to sabotage the Kahn Menagerie. Then SNAPA came to inspect the Menagerie. The griffins were already back in their cage, but they found what appeared to be evidence of Pelly's death in the Aviary. Scratch the dragon was accused of the crime. However, the accusation later proved false when it was discovered that Pelly was not dead, and had been abducted by an unknown individual and taken to a cabin in the woods, and was later found by Sameera Lahiri.

Buildings and LocationsEdit

There are a number of buildings and locations that make up the Kahn Menagerie.

  • Main House (where Blue Mervy, Melissa Mervy, and the Kahn family live)
  • The Stables (where unicorns Charlie and Cleo are housed)
  • Dark Forest (where the mapinguari and baku live)
  • Merfolk Island (where the merfolk, under King Cobalt, live)
  • Yeti Highlands (where yeti Mooncrusher and somewhat mammoth Captain Fuzzbutt live)
  • Aviary (where Pelly, Nero, Aliya the roc, and other birds, mythical and non-mythical, live.)
  • Kraken Cove (where the kraken resides, away from the mermaids.)
  • Griffin Rocks (where Nira, Riff, and their cubs live.)
  • Dragon Mountain (where Firebella, Scratch, and Clawdius live and watch out for intruders.)
  • Reptile House (where Basil the basilisk and the pyrosalamanders reside.)

Known InhabitantsEdit


Mostly Humans:

Mythical Creatures: